Know All About The Priest

  1. “He is not an angel!”

The priest is a person like us, who feels sorrow and joy, who gets tired, who fights to fight his imperfections. It is not an angel. He also works to improve his defects, to change the negative things in him, to grow humanly and spiritually. It is good to expect a lot from a priest, but we must know that he is also a man. Respect it as it is, accept it with its gifts and imperfections. He is a mediator between God and the people as regards divine realities. It would be easy for him to be a saint, ready to go to heaven, but he doesn’t, he has imperfections like you and me. The good thing is that he works hard to improve and improve himself; he knows that this is the path to perfection.


  1. «Experience hunger, cold, weight of age …»

It is a harsh reality, although many do not believe it. The general injustice is that the priest lacks nothing, lives as king, but those of us who have contact with many priests know that reality something different. There are many priests who go hungry and cold in the world. Many lack bread, water, or basic hygiene conditions. Think of the inhospitable places where the Church arrives: Africa, India, Cambodia, remote areas of Brazil, Bolivia, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, etc. We always think of westernized countries. When old age arrives they continue in their ministry, faithful to the call of God. Old priests still walk the streets leaving the good smell of Christ.

  1. ” Charge passions and that of offense”

We already talk that the priest is also human and has imperfections. But it is not a great burden because it has the words of Jesus in mind: “My yoke is soft and my burden light.” We all carry our own cross. Sometimes we can find priests who are prone to pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony or laziness. They are aware of their weakness and work on it. But let’s not think that it is something great, when God calls he gives the grace to live according to the vocation we have received from him. The priest is happy in his vocation, but this does not mean that he also sins. He is the first who trusts in the effectiveness of the apology that Christ himself imparts through him: confession. Yes, he confesses too. Go as a good Catholic to another priest to confess and ask for God’s grace, resolution with the Father. Thus, the priest preaches and practices.


  1. “God like us”

Before becoming a priest, he was an ordinary man who lived among us, studied with us, worked with us. We played with them, we met them as children. But one day God called them to leave everything, carry his cross and follow him wherever he went. The priest has a life story, has family, dreams, feelings, etc… It’s like us, it also suffers and rejoices. God has taken him out of us to invite him to surrender himself and others with a universal love. Perhaps not in his own city, in other cases quite far from his country, but the priest does not forget his origin, he must not forget it. He also misses his family, he suffers when they suffer.

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